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CODAN for Kids

Infusion Therapy Products for Neonatal & Pediatric Patients

Designed for critical care of the very young patient, the CODAN for Kids™ product line offers unsurpassed quality, dependability, and accuracy along with small diameter, lightweight tubing to deliver life-saving drugs and nutrition with the utmost safety and precision.

Important Features & Benefits

  • Specialty set configurations for NICU and PICU patients including bifurcated and trifurcated sets.
  • Tubing sets manufactured in the United States for guaranteed quality.
  • Non-DEHP and latex-free tubing for universal drug compatibility.
  • Wide range of multi-line MiniBore and MicroBore extension sets with tubing designed for precise delivery of vaso-active drugs, costly antibiotics and medications that need to be dosed over exact time intervals.
  • Reduction of bacterial and particulate contamination with engineered controls like the hydrophobic CODAN FlowStop Cap™, inline bacterial retentive materials, and the CODAN R-Lock, an integral male-female luer-lock check valve.
  • Low-priming volume, aseptic priming and infection control products.
  • Needle-free and latex-free injection site options.

CODAN for Kids consists of:

I.V. Star Filters & Filter Sets  >

I.V. Star® filters and filter sets offer air compensation, air elimination, bacterial barriers and more.

MiniBore Extension Sets  >

Smaller inner diameter tubing for the critical care of neonates and pediatrics.

MicroBore Extension Sets  >

The smallest inner diameter tubing for low priming volume and increased accuracy in the critical care of very
young patients.

LightSafe  >

LightSafe® sets are made with a unique amber tinted tubing which provides added light protection for light sensitive drugs and improves TPN deliveries.

60 Drop Administration Sets  >

Microdrip/minidrip administration sets used primarily for low IV rates.

Specialty NICU Sets  >

A number of products specifically for use in the NICU and PICU where the choice of IV products can be truly critical to saving lives.

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