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Miscellaneous IV Products

The CODAN GrabBag™ contains popular miscellaneous IV products which do not fall into the main CODAN product lines. In this category you will find a number of best-selling products that serve critical needs of hospitals and clinics nationally and internationally.

Important Features & Benefits

  • The CODAN FlowStop Cap™ offers fast, easy and drip-free priming of drug administration sets.
  • All CODAN products are non-DEHP and latex-free.
  • I.V. Star® Filters with air elimination for retention of particles, micro-organisms and air.
  • Quality tubing sets manufactured in the United States for guaranteed product pedigree.

CODAN GrabBag consists of:

Latex-Free Injection Site Infusion Sets  >

Non-DEHP sets with latex-free injection site(s).

Straight Line Infusion Sets  >

Additional standard IV administration sets.

I.V. Star Filters & Filter Sets  >

I.V. Star® filter products are for air compensation, air elimination, bacterial barriers and other special applications.

RegularBore Extension Sets  >

Adult size, latex-free, non-DEHP extension sets in various configurations.

Blood Administration Sets >

Various IV blood sets with 200 micron filter for preparation and transfusion.

NeedleFree & Valve Adaptors >

Check valve PRN adapters along with PRN adapters and vial spikes with needle-free access ports.

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