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Infusion Therapy made Clean, Safe and Simple

CODAN in the United States is a part of the European-based CODAN Group of Companies, which for more than 50 years has been a market leader in the area of IV drug delivery systems to healthcare institutions around the world. The company's success is based on excellent product quality, delivery reliability and full customer satisfaction.

CODAN's core business is the manufacturing and sale of IV Sets and accessories for both infusion and transfusion therapy. CODAN Label Products are a full line of sterile IV Sets and accessories known for outstanding quality and an excellent record of on-time delivery. CODAN also manufactures OEM/Private Label IV products made to the exact specifications of our customers.

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CODAN Capabilities

In the US, CODAN operates a manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, California, just 45 minutes south of Los Angeles. US and European-made products are sold through a network of distributors in the United States and Canada.

CODAN operates in a vertically integrated structure. The majority of the components used at our assembly lines in the United States are designed and produced within the CODAN Group at manufacturing facilities in Europe, primarily in Germany and in Denmark. We then assemble IV infusion sets to either our own specifications or to our customer's. The finished products are packaged directly at our plant and subsequently sterilized in partnership with a local state-of-the-art sterilization company.

CODAN has a strong competitive advantage based on product quality that exceeds industry norms. In addition, CODAN is small and agile enough to respond quickly to special needs or requirements of customers in a way that other medical device manufacturers cannot or will not.

CODAN Benefits

  • 50+ years of medical research, pharmaceutical development and clinical experience.
  • German engineered components.
  • Quality products manufactured in the United States and Europe for guaranteed product pedigree.
  • Excellent on-time delivery (consistent and reliable).
  • Extremely low return rate.
  • Quick manufacturing turnaround and flexible requirements to meet your changing needs.
  • Innovative problem solving and dependable custom configurations.
  • Experienced technical support and timely customer service.
  • National and international compliance standards and certifications.


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